Friday, February 11, 2011

L is for the way you look at me (11/30)

If today had a theme song, it would be Lou Reed's Perfect Day.  We didn't drink Sangria in the park or feed animals in the zoo, but we did play chess by the river and watch homeless people bum cigarettes.  Ben and I both had today off and since Valentine's Day falls on Monday, we thought we might celebrate early with an afternoon in Downtown Jacksonville.  It was cool but not rainy, perfect weather for getting bundled up for a stroll among the skyscrapers.  We wandered through our favorite used book store, picked up some new reads and had warm beverages in the cafe (chai latte for him, raspberry white mocha for me), played chess on the riverfront and grabbed a warm dinner of soup and salad before heading home.  Regardless of what we do, every minute spent with Ben is pure pleasure.  It was an absolutely perfect Friday afternoon. 

I've been saving this red dress for over a month, waiting for Valentine's day to roll around so that it would be seasonally appropriate.  It was super cheap and it's made of jersey knit so it feels light and loose.  You can't see it with the belt shown here, but it's got an empire waist which I usually avoid but with the fabric and hem length, it works with my figure.  All those features combined with the boob-enhancing scoop neckline make me feel hot to trot in this little number (Ben liked it too). Given my complexion and my chosen hair color, I don't own or wear much red at all and the red items I do have rarely get out of the closet much, but I want to find ways to incorporate it into my daily looks.  In an effort to do this, and to get as much wear out of this new dress as possible, and in honor of V-Day weekend, I'm going to remix this one dress for 4 days.  So if you like it and want to see more of me in red, tune in for the next three days.  If you hate it, then I'll see you on Tuesday.

Do you have plans for Valentine's this year, or is it just another February weekend to you?  Do you relish the opportunity to celebrate love and romance, or is it a Hallmark holiday in your book?  I used to be cynical about the 14th prior to meeting Ben, but now I'm just a big ol' mush-ball when it comes to hearts and love and roses and such.  Tiffany from 5 years ago would scoff at the Tiffany of today.



Lindsey N. said...

You look so pretty and romantic! I hardly ever wear red but you look gorgeous in it!

I think Curtis and I are going to Ihop? Maybe they'll make me a heart pancake!

Lindsey Soup

Linley said...

love this black and red look you have going on!! what a fun early v-day celebration - looks like you tow had a great time!! (:

bonita said...

~ * ♥ * ~

I like your red dress Tiffany ~ I wish I had something like it to wear in honor of V's day, but I am currently 26wks pregnant and living out of a suitcase so a pretty purple dress with have to do instead. > O <

My hubby and I are planning to celebrate this year {we didn't last year by mutual consent; then afterwards I wished we had, so here we are!} but not on the day.

He's doing it as a surprise ~ he'll tell me sometime this week to dress up and then we'll go out. I can not wait to see what he has planned as he is great at thinking up awesome treats and things to do!
> w <

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Vanilla said...

Red looks So great on you :)

Love, Vanilla

Rachel said...

Great dress! Perfect for Valentines day! :D

Annabel Jones said...

I would recognize that bridge anywhere! We're neighbors! You look lovely, love the red!

Beth Ellen said...

As a fellow redhead I totally feel ya on the not wearing red as much as I should. I can't wait to see how you remix this as it looks great on you though!

Jen said...

loving the belt! great blog :)

Raji said...

Absolutely the cutest romantic day!
Love the dress, perfect colour