Monday, March 19, 2012


High: Waking up with plenty of time to get ready before going to work.  Monday mornings are usually rushed, groggy and grumpy but today was different; maybe it was because I was wearing this perfect combination of colors?

Low: Realizing that the hem of my skirt is slightly higher in the back than in the front after looking at these pictures.  I'm not sure if it's because my butt is huge or the skirt is wonky; either way I can fix it.  Hope no one got a show they didn't intend to see today!


Frannie Pantz said...

Actually I think this skirt looks great on you and yes, you did do an amazing job with the colors as usual. Love the leopard print!

Ewa Prokopczuk said...

I love the happy pop of yellow you've got going on!

:) Ewa

KWu said...

I find when hemming and shortening vintage dresses and such that I need to cut about 0.5" less on the back than in the front. There's just more body to cover in the back than in the front I guess! :)

Alba Sanchbel said...

nice style! I love your style and animal print! x

Cammila Albertson said...

Skirts are always doing this kind of shit to me. I kind of cluelessly thought it was normal -- like "don't all skirts sit an inch higher in the back because they're sitting on the butt shelf?" Regardless, I think we can all agree that having a perky enough butt to create this kind of wardrobe issue is what my grandma liked to call a "high class problem."

That being said, I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

Cammila Albertson said...

Oh shit, I have to leave another comment because literally, as I was hitting "publish" on my last comment, a coworker walked by my desk with her skirt experiencing EXTREME ride-up in the back. THE CONTAGION IS SPREADING!! I'm wearing a maxi today, but I'll keep checking just in case.